Prize 1 - Best DeFi Component with Agoric


Build a DeFi component or DAPP using Agoric smart contracts with help from DAPP template components.  Example submissions might be: an options application, a prediction market, or a bot for cross-chain arbitrage. Show the pathway for your component or application to be deployed in a testnet environment!


Agoric is a smart contracting platform that allows you to build and reuse DeFi components in secure JavaScript. A vibrant DeFi ecosystem will exist on Agoric and your app or component should be a part of it! Come to our workshop on lending protocols on Agoric at 15:00 on 16/5 at the Agoric room.


Winner: $7,500

Runner up(s) (up to 4): $2,500


1. Open GitHub repo 2. Contract code must be open sourced 3. Submissions must include a video walkthrough of the code and from the perspective of an end user interacting with the app, or a developer integrating the component Note: Submissions using existing Agoric components must show meaningful extension to functionality.

Applicant Assessment Criteria:

In order to be eligible, the PR must be reviewed by the Agoric team, with suggestions for change implemented and merged after iterating. At the end of the hackathon, the most impactful improvement PR's will be selected by Agoric judges to receive a reward.

Payment Details:

Rewards will be given out in USDC or USD. All bounty winners must complete KYC/AML and provide the appropriate tax forms upon completion of bounty in order to receive rewards.