Monday @ 13:30 - JS Smart Contracts: Launch a Token with RBF Labs

RBF Labs Workshop


Our workshop is targeted toward developers that have never deployed a smart contract. During the workshop, we will explain Agoric's unique approach to smart contracts, where composable components prevent some security/safety bugs from the get go and briefly compare it to other solutions. Agoric's smart contracts are integrated with their dApps in one framework: contract, API server and UI - everything uses JavaScript under the hood. During the workshop, you will deploy, update and re-deploy a simple smart contract and learn how offer safety puts the user in control. After the workshop, you should be comfortable with key Agoric concepts and with the development pipeline for Agoric smart contracts. Attendees who successfully complete this workshop will receive a $100 prize, requirements for completion will be detailed in-person.


Pre-requisites - READ ME

Workshop Duration:

Approx. 2 hours

Team Members
Martin Vejmelka
Dusan Fedorcak
Robert Brada
Software Developer

What will be provided in the workshop room?

  • LCD TV
  • seating area with round tables
  • Monitors for developers / teams
  • Whiteboard available for the host